U.S. Shooting Academy, 6500 East 66th St. North, Tulsa, Ok 74117

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NRA Rifle Instructor


August 17, 2021    
All Day


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US Shooting Academy
6500 East 66th Street North, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74117

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NRA Rifle Instructor

You must be a current NRA instructor and taken BIT within the last two years prior to taking this course. You must also have taken the NRA basics of rifle shooting class. There is one on the day befor at this location if you need to take it.

This is a 9 hour class with range time.

Bring lunch, range gear, a rifle and 150 rounds of ammo. Any type of rifle is ok.
Cost is $350.00 please bring cash.

Call Dee for more info, 918-457-7307


Bookings are closed for this event.