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Basic Handgun 

The basic handgun class will teach you various safety considerations, operation of your handgun, fundamentals of handgun shooting and basic self-defense. Its great for those who want a refresher course to enhance their fundamentals or those just getting into the sport. 

AR-15 Fundamentals Series 

 This course has something for everyone. For those new to the world of AR’s you’ll learn proper maintenance, operation, and accessories. Seasoned shooters will walk away with a better understanding of a proper zero, importance of round trajectory, and mechanical offset for close encounters. Broke up into three separate levels with each level increasing in difficulty. Start with level 1 today! 

Oklahoma Concealed Carry Class 

Learn to protect yourself, family, and home with an Oklahoma SDA CCW Class. As a law-abiding citizen, you recognize it’s your responsibility to know the laws of this state and every state you carry through. Get to know specific Oklahoma state statutes and laws, like Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground. Dive deep into the use of deadly force and deadly force laws. 

Women’s Only Defensive Handgun Series 

Taught by women for women, this series will give you the knowledge needed to carry confidently. This three-part series will take you from learning basics of marksmanship to defensive shooting. Start with basic handgun today! 

Basic Low Light Handgun Course 

Take your skills into the night! Learn about different low light techniques, handheld flashlights, weapon mounted lights, and various holds. Get to experiance the thrill of shooting at night. 

Church Protector Academy 

This four-part series will give you knowledge on how to build a comprehensive security plan for your church. Led by Mark Neely, a former law-enforcement officer and current pastor, he will ensure that your church has the knowledge and skill to adequacy protect your congregation. Each level requires live fire and will increase in difficulty as each level progresses. Start with level 1 today! 

Children’s Firearm Safety Courses 

School is letting out and children are heading into summer vacation! Get your child acquainted with firearm safety, function, and rules! Firearm safety involves education not isolation, make firearm safety a family responsibility.  

  • Children’s Handgun Safety Course: Ages 10 – 17
  • Children’s Long Gun Safety Course: Ages 6 – 17 

Wednesday Night Seminars 

Join us for one of our Wednesday Night seminars from 6 pm to 7 pm. We host a variety of topics including Building a Home Protection Plan, Self-defense Tools and Tactics, Identifying a Public Threat, and many more. 


Nearly every holiday we hold special deals and fun actives. Easter, we had exploding easter eggs and Valentine’s Day couple were by one day pass get one free. To stay up to date on all the fun actives follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for our monthly newsletter! 

Full-Auto Events 

One a month we hold a full auto event. You have the chance to learn about the featured machine gun and get to experience it in full glory. Below is some of the upcoming full-auto events!