About The Range

Welcome To United States Shooting Academy

The United States Shooting Academy was formed in 2004 with the idea of building the best training facility in the nation.

In recent years our goal is to provide a friendly environment for people to learn, train, and have fun. We offer a variety of classes, family events, range services, and shooting bays. No matter your skill level, we strive to provide an area where you can train the way you want to perform, to get better every day, and to have an area where you fill safe to do so. Our dedicated staff will welcome you with a smile and will to provide you the best service possible.

Please check our website often to stay up to dates on current events, training courses, and range improvements!

Open To The Public

We are open to public year-round, except Mondays (No one wants to get up and work on a Monday, so we all stay home).

You do not have to reserve a bay, the bays are “first come first served.” When you arrive at USSA you will check-in to the main lobby with a driver’s license or valid form of identification. Based on the weapons you brought to shoot, we will assign a bay that best accommodates your specific needs. Below is a list of everything you will need to bring, however if you do not have or managed to forget some of the listed items we do sell, targets, rental staple guns, ear protection, eye protection, and ammo.

  • A valid form of ID
  • Paper Targets (We sell $1.00 targets)
  • Staple gun, clips, or tape to hang paper targets (We sell staple guns for $14.99 and rent them for $7.00)
  • Eye and Ear Protection (We sell earmuffs, foam plugs, and safety glasses in house)
  • Weapon and Ammo (We rent guns for $15.00 and sell some ammunition, to find a list of our rental guns click here: Services & Prices – US Shooting Academy)
  • Outdoor clothes and shoes (All of the bays are outdoor)

Bays We Offer

Handgun Bays: 

  • 6 – 25-yard Private Paper Areas
  • 4 – 25-yard Covered Paper/Steel 
  • 6 – 35-yard Steel Challange Areas

Private areas are not shared with other shooters. They allow you to use any yardage within the bay, freedom of movement, and drawing from holster. 

Steel Bays are an additional $10.00 upcharge to use. However, you get the satisfaction of hearing that steel sing!

Rifle Bays: 

  • 9 – 50-yard Private Rifle/Pistol Areas
  • 1 – 100-yard Shared Sight-in Bay
  • 1 – 100-yard Shared Steel Rifle Bay
  • 1 – 200 yd and 300 yd rifle bay 

The 50-yard private rifle bays are by far the most popular parts of the facility. They can accommodate both rifle and pistol calibers. 

For the 200 yd/300yd rifle bay, you must first complete a quailfication on the 100 yards. It has steel plates only and cost an addition $10.00 to use. 

Shotgun Bay: 

  • 1 – 50-yard private shotgun bay

The shotgun bay is one of our favorite steel areas! You can shoot both shotgun and handgun within the same area. There is a 2-hour time limit and use must use LEAD BIRDSHOT ONLY! There is a $10.00 upcharge for using this bay. 

Private Bays vs. Public Bays

Private Bays: 

Private bays make for the perfect family outing. They allow for more privacy than the shared locations, only you and your family are allowed on the bay once occupied. You can use any yardage located within the bay, freedom of movement, drawing from holster, and more. 

During the weekend they do have a 2-hour time limit, but during the week there is no time limits. 

Public Bays: 

Public areas are shared amongst other shooters. There is no RSO or timed buzzer that controls the line, it is done between the shooters on the line. They are one fixed yardage with no other increments in-between. For the shared rifle bays, benches are provided for you can rest at. 

There is no time limit during the week or weekend. 

Paper vs. Steel

Paper Bays: 

There are target backers provided on each of the paper bays. You can bring your own targets, but no unauthorized steel plates or targets allowed. Paper allows you to really see who’s the better shot in your group and can making sight-in your rifles much easier. 

There is no upcharge for using a paper area. 

Steel Bays: 

There is something gratifying about shooting steel plates and hearing them ring. The steel plates are pre-arranged within the bay and have designated shooting positions to ensure your maintaining a safe shooting distance. You can bring your own paint to paint the targets, WHITE ONLY.  

There is an additional $10.00 upcharge per person to shoot steel. 

To learn more about princing and services, click the pricing and services page down below.