About Us

Whether you are needing to customize your weapon to fit your style or need a repair to your weapon,
our experienced gunsmiths are here to assist you. We have a full-time armorer in house that can assist you in
building, customizing, or fixing your weapon.

Services We Offer:

Trigger Instillations

<p>Buy a new trigger and don't know how to install it properly? With the help of one of our experienced gunsmiths they will install the trigger for you and make sure it's installed with care and precision.</p> <p><strong>Trigger Instillation Cost: $50.00</strong></p>

Muzzle Break Instillation

<p>Adding a muzzle break is a great way to customize and optimize your weapon. Allow one of our experienced gunsmiths to make sure that your weapon is taken care of and customized to your liking.</p> <p><strong>Muzzle Break Instillation: $75.00</strong></p>

Mounting Scopes and Bore Sight

<p>Do you have a scope that's troubling you? Can't get one of your weapons sighted-in or the scope won't hold zero? One of our experienced gunsmiths will make sure that the scope is installed correctly, torqued to speck, and in working order.</p> <p><strong>Scope Mount or Bore Sight Cost: $50.00</strong></p>

Pistol Sight Instillation

<p>Do you have a red dot that you're needing to install or want to switch out your iron sights to something newer? Our gunsmiths will make sure that your red dot is torqued to speck and help change those old dull iron sights with brand new ones.</p> <p><strong>Pistol Sights Installation Cost: $50.00</strong></p>


<p>Want to build out your own AR but want to make sure that it's built correctly? Building your own AR can be tricky and it's easy to make mistakes. Allow one of our gunsmiths to help you build your dream rifle!</p> <p><strong>AR-Assembly Cost: $125.00</strong></p>

Firearm Cleaning

<p>Cleaning your firearm can be time consuming and tedious. Our gunsmiths will take the time to make sure your firearm is clean and looks as good as the day you bought it.</p> <p><strong>Firearm Cleaning Cost: $50.00</strong></p>

Find us at:

Physical Address

<p>United States Shooting Academy</p> <p>6500 East 66th St North, Tulsa OK 74117</p> <p>Just off highway 75 and 66th street north</p>

Office Hours

<p>Spring Hours:</p> <p>Monday: Closed</p> <p>Tuesday – Sunday: 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.</p>